Corporate Voice

If your organisation has a large number of sites across Europe, as well as country-specific service variations and multiple suppliers, it’s probably hard to imagine being able to control spending and sustain user satisfaction levels with ease. But that’s exactly what Colt Corporate Voice allows you to do.

Our integrated voice telephony package delivers economies of scale and provides you with the convenience of having a single pan-European service provider for all your offices. Essentially, this means that our relationship is covered by just one contract and Service Level Agreement, plus a single pricing proposal based on your aggregate spend. So, thanks to Colt’s ‘one-stop-shop’ solution, you save on your call costs with our truly competitive rates, reduce your administrative overheads by consolidating contracts and vendor management across Europe, and enjoy annual service availability of 99.95% via our fibre-optic network (47 metropolitan area networks across 28 countries). In short, Colt Corporate Voice not only relieves your budgetary pressures but also simplifies your pan-European operations.

Colt Corporate Voice also offers different network access options for your sites, according to their traffic profiles. We can connect your medium-sized and smaller sites indirectly to the Colt network (through your existing third-party provider), while your larger locations and those with more call traffic (including contact centres) can be connected directly. This direct option allows you to port your existing geographic numbers to Colt and avoid the cost of multiple number changes.

What’s more, you can relax in the knowledge that there’s free 24/7 support and the option of Voice Line Disaster Recovery available too. Easy to set up and invoke, VLDR delivers continuity of business by diverting your calls if there’s a network failure, flood, fire or other emergency.

In addition, because Colt is committed to always using the most effective technologies, we can also help you future-proof your voice services.

Colt Corporate Voice is a comprehensive telephony package that saves you money and gives you more connectivity choices in Europe, without compromising service integrity or quality.

For sites with a high volume of calls, such as your headquarters and call centres, we can usually provide Colt Voice Line connections via our own fibre-optic infrastructure that spans 28 European nations. To be compatible with the service, your PBX must support each country’s standard protocols.

We’ll provide the necessary transmission equipment and other customer premises equipment (CPE), including a bi-directional access line with a capacity relative to your traffic volumes: 2Mbps, 45Mbps or 155Mbps. In any event, you’ll experience a typical service availability of 99.95% and reap the advantages of partnering a ‘one-stop-shop’ provider like Colt, such as a single contract and SLA.

Having a direct connection means you can choose to port your existing telephone numbers to Colt, or get new numbers. You can also benefit from our range of features allowing you more control of your calls, as well as various reporting options. These include monthly bills for each country (by site or region), and information on the time, duration, destination and cost of each call.

We monitor our services all day, every day - and usually fix faults before they affect service - although you can easily report any fault to your local helpdesk. And, safe in the knowledge that Colt is supporting your multi-site European voice services, you can free your internal resources to focus on your core business.

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