Colt Audio and Cisco WebEx Conferencing

Integrated audio, web and video collaboration services with a common interface and seamless user experience.

Colt offers a holistic collaboration tool set for media rich audio, web and video  conferencing.  Your employees can meet with customers, partners and colleagues around the world instantly; sharing content, collaborating and communicating via HD video and audio. Your employees can make faster decisions and increase business processes with more effective meetings whilst making hard savings on travel costs.

Colt Audio and Cisco WebEx Conferencing services are fully managed and cloud-based, meaning that neither upfront costs nor in-house expertise is required.

Leading edge features include:

  • A secure customer self-service portal with the ability to access, configure, add or delete accounts instantly
  • Bundled bridge minutes packages, providing fixed costs
  • Extension matching for bridge numbers – for easily memorable bridge accounts
  • SIP trunking integration offering free bridge access
  • High Definition audio, designed to work with HD capable end points, IP Softphone, polycoms or handsets.

Colt’s Audio bridging platform has both geographic resilience and redundancy built in, hosted in secure Colt datacentres. On top of the Audio Conferencing service, WebEx offers the end user a complete collaboration service. Use an integrated Audio Conferencing account with WebEx to gain access across a variety of devices, fixed and mobile, enhancing the mobile workforce experience. Host Audio only conferences or WebEx sessions around the world on demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Colt’s conferencing service experience is second to none offering an end-to-end service SLA along with technical implementation management to ensure seamless deployment and maximize customer use and education. 
Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Audio Only: A single click plug-in built into Outlook pre-populates dial-in numbers for your meetings.
WebEx: An entire suite of productivity tools enables scheduling or running of a WebEx session “on the fly” across Outlook, and the whole MS office suite of products.

You benefit from market leading solution pricing with two commercial options: bundled minutes packages or pay per usage.

  • Take control of your conferencing expenditure and plan the amount of minutes you need, pay a flat rate to manage what you need to spend.
  • Need  flexibility? Then you may prefer Colt’s Pay Per Use package with flexible pricing.  This allows customers to be charged on a usage basis only, with no ongoing fees.

Ultising Colt’s large pan-European voice network means that toll-free and local connect numbers are available at ultra competitive rates, particularly now that Colt SIP Trunking customers (Colt VoIP Access) benefit from further cost savings and free intra-company access to the service via the Colt SIP trunk.

IT Admin portal training videos

Training Videos – IT Admin Portal


How to login to your Colt Conferencing IT Admin Portal

This video will cover two areas

  • How to access and login to Colt Online
  • How to access the conferencing management portal via Colt Online

How to create subscribers one or many

This video covers how you can create subscribers (individual or many) via the bulk provisioning method. - RECOMMENDED

How to create subscribers, individually

How to create subscribers (individually only), this is a more detailed way of creating subscribers where you may want to specify more end user details.

How to view and edit existing subscriber accounts

This video will look at how to view and edit subscribers, this is made up of three areas:

  • General view/edit capabilities
  • How to reset a moderator passcode (4 digit PIN)
  • How to change conference features

How to manage subscribers (delete/suspend/re-enable/re-allocate/re-create)

This video will contains four sections:

  • Delete/suspend subscribers
  • Re-enable a suspended subscriber
  • Re-allocate a conference passcode
  • Re-create a Subscriber

How to delete subscribers one or many

This video will show you how to delete individual or multiple subscribers using the bulk delete form. - RECOMMENDED

How to search for subscribers (end user accounts)

This video covers two areas

  • Basic search for subscribers
  • Advanced search for subscribers

How to view your conferencing reports

This video will focus on how to access reporting information for conferencing, two key areas covered:

  • Accessing non-billing related usage information, this is via the IT Admin management portal
  • Billing related information, which can be found via Colt Online directly

How to use threshold management

This video covers how IT Admins can be alerted via e-mail, if a certain number of minutes have been breached for the preceding month. 

How to install the Outlook plugin

This video will show how to install the outlook plugin, 3 areas are covered:

  • Access the plugin
  • Install for MS for MS .NET 4 Framework
  • Install for non-MS .NET 4 Framework

How to use the Outlook Plugin

This video covers four areas:

  • How to schedule a personal conference
  • How to run a scheduled outlook conference
  • How to modify a scheduled outlook conference
  • How to use the call me feature


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