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At Colt we always look at our customers’ needs in the round: we want to deliver cutting edge solutions to real-world requirements that have a direct effect on competitiveness and costs.

From business grade Internet access to complex web site hosting and management - get the depth of solutions and flexibility you need to turn the Internet into a successful business tool.

We work in partnership with you to tailor our products so they enhance your organisation.

Your Internet access is as important as your power supply; you couldn't do business without either. Colt delivers business grade Internet to run all kinds of critical applications for small and medium sized companies. It's symmetrical and guarantees the bandwidth you need to run all your applications securely, reliably and flexibly.
It's 21st century Internet that powers your ambition, makes you competitive and enables you to grow, and all from a company that only does Internet for business.
You want to make the most of the Internet; communicate, do business; interact with suppliers; and generate revenue. At Colt we believe that an Internet connection is as important as your electricity: you can't do business without it.
We're not talking about low-quality, residential Internet access, but a business grade Internet connection that gives you the symmetrical bandwidth you need to work with confidence, speed and security. And it's not a luxury that's only available to big organisations, Colt is enabling small and medium sized businesses in all sectors of the economy make the most of their applications and communications.
We offer a range of all-in-one packages that can be deployed quickly and easily, or you can pick any one of our stand-alone products. Colt's solutions cover business messaging, converged voice, security, back-up and, of course, website management.

Each product is of the highest standard and delivers the best quality available on the market. Colt is proud of its long tradition of excellence and reputation for customer service. So, when you choose Colt you know you're getting the best.

  • Internet Products

    From business grade Internet access to complex web site hosting and management - get the depth of solutions and flexibility you need to turn the Internet into a successful business tool. Internet Access Services is a complete suite of services that suits Internet connectivity needs of organisations of all sizes.  IP Access and IP Transit are the flagship propositions, completed by several Add-ons from network security (Router-based Firewall, Managed Dedicated Firewall, IP Guardian) and applications (IP Mail, IP Webspace):


  • IP Access

    IP Access has been created to enable your organisation to make the most of the Internet:  from employees sharing information internally, running applications that interface with customers in real time, or enabling e-commerce to be carried out quickly and securely.


  • IP Transit

    Colt is a Europe wide ISP with one of the largest wholly owned networks in Europe. Colt IP Transit is a very simple, robust and comprehensive offering. There are no frills, no complications, and no distracting features – just highly productive connectivity.


  • Smart Office

    Colt Smart Office is a suite of communication services specifically designed for growing businesses. With Colt Smart Office you can choose from a fully modular suite of products which means you can build exactly the right solution for your business – one you can adapt as and when you wish.


  • IP Guardian

    Colt IP Guardian is intended to help Colt customers reduce the impact of Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. IP Guardian is a dedicated service that provides continuous protection of traffic while only rerouting the traffic when an attack is detected.


  • Managed Dedicated Firewall

    Colt Managed Dedicated Firewall (MDF), protects your mission-critical networks and application services from compromise and helps prevent intrusions from hackers, viruses, worms and other web-borne threats.


  • Web Hosting

    Smart management of your servers can save you money, improve the efficiency of your business, and free up your IT specialists to concentrate on core tasks. We've designed three Managed Server Solutions to give you the high availability, infrastructure outsourcing and management hosting services that match the ambitions of your business


As a Colt IP Access customer you can choose as many services as you need to make your Internet access work hard for your organisation.

  • Colt IP Guardian
  • Colt Managed Dedicated firewall
  • Colt IP Mail
  • Colt IP Domain
  • Colt IP Webspace
You can boost your email, protect your data, register new Internet domains and make the most of the web using any or all of our value added products. They've been designed to enable you to optimise your investment in high quality Internet access.

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