Email Archiving

Advanced email archiving and compliance service powered by Microsoft

Email Archiving has been designed to help you meet the challenge of managing the ever-increasing volumes of corporate email, while remaining compliant with regulations governing electronic document access and retention.


  • Delivered over the Internet as a managed service, you're able to comply with regulations with a minimal total cost of ownership and no up-front capital investment
  • No hardware or software is required, the service helps simplify your IT environment and frees up your internal IT resources to focus on other projects
  • The user interface is web based a Microsoft Outlook form and structure, thereby needing minimal training for end-user
  • Secure online message repository enables instant restoration, retrieval and extraction of archived messages
  • Predictable, monthly, per-mailbox charging enabling you to budget with confidence for the duration of the contract
  • Business continuity ensure that users can still use the Archiving portal to read, compose and reply to emails until your primary email service is restored

Key Features

  • User Archives: 1) Each individual user is entitled to 3.6GB of email storage space 2) Additional storage can be added in 10GB increments.
  • Policy Enforcement: Your administrators can enforce corporate email policies using the service. An intuitive policy rule writer enables them to create and administer email policy rules based on a wide range of message attributes.
  • Defined User Roles: Pre-defined policies allow your administrator or compliance manager to define roles for users in the system that is similar to their roles within your organisation. These range from Compliance Manager (full access), through Technical Administrator, to Worker. Customised policies can be to set up flexible access privileges.

Supported Email Platforms:

Colt Managed Email Archiving is available for the following platforms:

  • Exchange Enterprise 2003 SP1 +
  • Exchange Enterprise 2000 SP3 +

Client Operating System:

Any version of Microsoft Windows that supports Internet Explorer 6.0.

Network Connection:

The service does not require additional bandwidth, which means the bandwidth you're already using for email communication will be sufficient for the service.


The service is highly resilient, being based on a distributed network of 12 load-balanced data centres around the world to which all customer email is directed. If one of the data centres becomes unavailable, all emails are automatically redirected to another data centre.

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