IP Transit

The bandwidth you need -  now!

Bandwidth has become a raw material – you need high quality Internet connectivity that is reliable, scalable, and completely secure so you can offer your customers the 21st century services they expect.

Colt offers you outstanding bandwidth options in Europe. Colt IP Transit delivers high levels of bandwidth through our unique European infrastructure. It’s one of the largest networks on the continent, with modern equipment and a high capacity backbone we have the power and the capacity to meet your needs. Our wholly owned and managed optical fibre transmission network not only spans 28 European countries, but also connects to the USA. We operate in 47 major cities, connect to more than 21,828 buildings, and have peering agreements with all the major operators in each metropolitan area, including New York City.

We work with you to deliver the right levels of bandwidth and service. You can connect to us directly or through a POP carrier house, and we can also connect our network directly into your premises. Directly connected sites boast an availability target of over 99 per cent and all our clients value the fact that our network is renowned for its reliability.

And our support is famous too – we have been winning customer service awards regularly for years – and you will benefit from 24/7 access to us, in your own language. Naturally, our SLA is stringent and covers service delivery, availability and fault reduction. Our pricing too is flexible, and is tailored to your individual needs.

The power to deliver the bandwidth you need, now.

You are in the market for bandwidth, pure and simple. You want the certainty of knowing that you will always have the capacity to deliver the products and services that your customers need each and every day.

Colt can give you that peace of mind; because we own and manage one of the largest fibre optic infrastructures in Europe, which offers Tier 1 connectivity in 28 countries, 47 major cities, and over 21,828 buildings. We have forged peering agreements with all the carriers and operators that matter, including New York City, and offer what is called ‘PTT strength’ when it comes to reliability and certainty of service. You can access our network using any technology that suits you – from SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, OLO tails and, of course, ASDL and SDSL.

Colt is proud to be a European company with global reach. We deliver connectivity at all levels, from the local to the international, and everything else in between. Our high bandwidth local access networks run at a minimum of STM-1, and are easily upgradeable. In some countries we have multiple city networks that run at STM-16 and above.

We are constantly managing and upgrading the network to ensure that we can meet, and exceed, the demands of our clients – so we can meet your needs for a range of speeds right up to 1Gbps.

Simply, you can rely on Colt IP Transit to deliver the bandwidth you need right now!

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