Business Email

Email is fundamental: use it to power your business

You can't work without it – and everyone uses it: Colt Business Email delivers the basics brilliantly. It offers the advanced email features you need to boost your performance – every day.


  • A Business grade messaging platform improves teamwork through instant sharing of schedules and messages
  • Business Email delivers everything; no need to spend money on hardware or software
  • Your people can work wherever they happen to be making your business more flexible
  • Your IT can spend their time on your core activities rather than worry about things like spam, which is captured in our network before it can reach you; that ensures your internet connection is maximised for business use
  • Your email service is very secure and distributed across our data centres so it's always available.

Key Features

  • You get top quality Business Grade messaging agenda and file sharing so you can perform at your best
  • Secure and reliable: triple layer antivirus and spam protection plus content filtering
  • Work anywhere: secure access to mail and diaries online or via Windows mobile or BlackBerry
  • Blocks email with content or attachments you don't want
  • All email is scanned before it reaches you optimising your network performance
  • Internet access is business
  • Our industry leading SLA guarantees times to deliver and repair as well as 24/7 support.

Colt Business Email offers four mailbox sizes ranging from 100Mb to 1GB and can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. The maximum message size of 20Mb, and all users can make the most of the following features:

  • Send and receive email via a client.
  • Access email online using a web browser (Outlook Web Access).
  • Get email on mobile phones (Outlook Mobile Access and Blackberry).
  • Use contacts, calendar, tasks and folders.

Those using mailboxes of 250Mb and over can access:

  • Brower access to a global address list.
  • Access to contacts, calendar, tasks, public and personal folders with share capability.
  • Fully functional version of Microsoft Outlook 2003.
  • Full offline client functionality.

You can use an existing domain name and up to four more, depending on the package you've chosen. We take care of all the software licensing for the Microsoft Exchange Server platform, your Service Provider Access, and your email anti-virus and anti-spam too.

We support all the protocols you need; with MAPI for our Standard, Power and Super packages. This is supported via a secure Internet connection using RPC over HTTPS. Our Lite package (100Mb) uses SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4.

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