Doing more with less


  • Increase agility: easily deploy and scale applications in response to changing needs or increased demand
  • Control costs: cut capital investment in your infrastructure and move to an OPEX-based charging structure
  • Improve productivity: give your organisation applications that perform better and are less prone to downtime
  • Enhance efficiency: get better server utilisation; avoid unnecessary hardware investments and server sprawl

How does your organisation cope with the urgent need to roll out new applications or support more users of applications? If there isn't enough time to create a proper roadmap, the temptation is simply to add more servers to cope. But over the long term this can lead to server sprawl with low utilisation; many potential single points of failure; and higher capital expenditure.

Server virtualisation has become the most common solution to these problems. But implementing a virtualisation solution isn't always as straightforward as vendors would have you believe; many organisations experience project delays, budget overruns and even virtual server sprawl.

  • Are you considering virtualisation, but uncertain how to get the best from it?
  • Do you have sufficient skills and resources in-house to plan, implement and manage a virtualised environment?
  • Are you looking to reduce the potential risks associated with infrastructure transformation?
  • Do you have concerns about the security of a virtualised environment?

Turn to Colt for virtualisation and take advantage of our expertise and experience to get the most out of this key technology. You'll improve infrastructure flexibility and application scalability, cut system downtime and make dramatic cost savings – without putting strain on your in-house resources.

Best foot forward

As a first step, our experienced virtualisation consultants will audit your environment and identify the applications and processes that will benefit most from virtualisation. They'll also carry out capacity and performance planning as part of the preparation process to ensure a successful project outcome.

Improve application availability

Even with basic virtualisation you'll improve system availability. By deploying virtualisation appropriately you can reduce system downtime to levels that are simply unfeasible using traditional approaches.

Simplify scalability

Once an application is virtualised it can be rapidly scaled to meet the needs of more users or handle more transactions. More resource can be allocated to it with little more than a few clicks of a mouse or via a pre-programmed workflow.

Boost flexibility

Virtualisation lets you cut down on hardware but still run as many applications as you want, while avoiding conflicts and single points of failure.

Get more for less

Research shows that moving to a virtualised infrastructure offers the potential for significant savings compared with traditional infrastructure. You'll save money through better server utilisation, less capital investment in hardware and lower operational overheads. Indirectly, the ability to support business agility more effectively can translate into long-term benefits that deliver ongoing returns on your virtualisation environment.

Virtualisation you can rely on

We'll manage the security of your virtualisation service, ensure the integrity of your systems, and monitor and support your virtualised infrastructure 24x7. Our support procedures are defined within the ITIL framework.

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