Making an IP VPN productive and cost effective.

Of all the acronyms you’ll come across IP VPN is one that can deliver very real benefits. At Colt we’ve worked hard to ensure that your network frees you to concentrate on providing excellent customer service and growing your business rather than managing your network infrastructure day to day.

Our IP VPN offering also has a direct impact on your costs. Managing your own network can be an expensive business, with a host of hidden extras. Many customers choose Colt because we provide the infrastructure, manage it, and ensure that it delivers results.

So, you can then concentrate your efforts on growing your business in the way that suits you best.

Colt's unique heritage of pioneering success has enabled organisations of all shapes and sizes to achieve fully managed IP networking that opens up access to employees wherever they need to be. If you have multiple sites, sales or technical representatives out in the field, or even home or mobile workers, Colt IP VPN creates a seamless means by which they can all access your corporate network. Also VoIP can be incorporated into your Colt IP VPN service providing you with a cost effective and integrated solution.

Colt offers complete support, giving you the confidence to get on with what you do best. Our customers like the fact that our highly resilient European network is wholly owned and also comes with global connectivity providing better coverage for their business.

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Very real, proactive management of your IP VPN

Colt’s IP VPN offering has been designed to enable your busy IT department to concentrate on delivering real value to your organisation. Because we can create and support your entire IP VPN you can deploy both expertise and expenditure on other business critical areas that enable your business to develop and grow.

Colt IP VPN gives you a standards-based MPLS service that includes options such as 5 levels of Class of Service, and the ability to open up remote and mobile access for all your employees in a secure and reliable way. We have our own extensive metropolitan network coverage in Europe, supported by Colt managed connectivity to other key global locations across the world. It all adds up to a complete end-to end managed solution.

And, if you need it, Colt offers you much deeper network functionality. Naturally, we monitor the service constantly, and support you should any problems arise. In many instances, we’ll be able to fix a problem before you even know it’s a problem. However, whenever you need to talk to us there’s a 24/7 Helpdesk available that speaks your language.

We have also designed an online, secure web portal that allows you to view the status of your network. If users come to you with a question you can get an overview of the network and its bandwidth performance, helping you provide solutions quickly.

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