High Speed Service

Your data is a precious resource: share and protect it.

You’ve got offices across the city and you need the bandwidth to share large amounts of vital data, back it up, store it, and retrieve it… and do it all with total confidence.

Colt High Speed Service enables you to do just that. We deliver the high bandwidth Local Area and Storage Area Networks that are at the heart of your organisation. Your people, whichever office they work in, can share applications, files and information easily, in real time and securely. Colt also delivers the confidence you need to operate in an uncertain world. If disaster strikes (man-made, environmental, or technological) you’ll have a dedicated fibre link that’s highly resilient enabling you to retrieve vital information… and keep on working.

We’ll tailor a solution to your specific needs. So, if you’re currently operating your own links, or in need of something totally new, we’ll provide a fully managed service that frees up your IT people so they can concentrate on your core applications.

Colt will look after every aspect of the service, from the initial blueprint to the installation and maintenance of the equipment. A very demanding SLA ensures that your resilient and redundant network architectures (single, multiple point-to-point or ring with alternative protection schemes) meets your business needs 24/7.

Tailored connectivity so you can get on with what you do best

Colt will design, install and maintain a High Speed connectivity solution for your LAN and SAN needs – giving you the time and space to get on with delivering the core applications that your organisation depends on.

We use a multi-service WDM platform so you can achieve flexible and private networking that will enable users to share information, store it (under ever more stringent regulations) and protect it against the unexpected. Colt gives you the confidence to do all that and supports you throughout the process and then into the future.

Our platform is certified by the leading storage vendors so there won’t be any issues when it comes to the effectiveness of their mirroring applications.

The service can be unprotected or you can choose protection options that range from dual diversely routed fibres with fully redundant electronics to fully protected ring configurations if you have more than two sites.

Our solutions are always scalable and very simple and quick to upgrade. You won’t need any new fibre because we can deploy either a CWDM or DWDM solution depending on what you think your future needs will be. And that also has an impact on costs: because you’re future-ready, beefing up your connectivity won’t break the bank in years to come. Naturally, bandwidths are generous – this is our High Speed Service after all – and we provide connections in highly granular steps so you only pay for what you need… when you need it.

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