Colt connects to new data centres across Europe

As part of the strategic programme to expand our geographic reach, we have recently connected a number of new data centres to our fibre footprint.

Colt can now provide a wide range of access and backbone solutions to these locations, including Ethernet, wavelength, SDH and IP services:


In September 2011, we extended our long distance network into the new DCo2 data centre in Oostkamp, just outside Bruges. DCo2 is one of the greenest, most modern data centres in Europe – customer equipment is powered via 2,480 solar panels.


Colt has also extended its long distance network into IBM’s strategic data centre in Montpellier. Colt is the only pan European carrier that can provide connectivity to this site. The Montpellier data centre is already well established, playing host to over 140 customers.

Seclin is conveniently located in-between London, Paris and Brussels and hosts a number of data centres for the IT outsourcing and financial services industries. Colt recently built a PoP outside Seclin and can now provide direct connectivity into the IBM, ATOS Worldwide and SocGen data centres.

Colt is also connected to the Data IV site in southern Paris – a Tier 4 data centre which provides hosting services to the financial services industry.


We are now connected to the KPN Cybercentre in Aalsmeer, a fast growing trading hub between Schiphol airport and Amsterdam. The Cybercentre was built to meet the demands of cloud computing and a number of Colt’s key wholesale customers already have a presence here.

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