Technology has transformed the way the legal profession works, and Colt has the technology and expertise to help you thrive.

Law at the speed of Light

The use of web based services, email and electronic storage of vital documents has become increasingly vital to legal practitioners of all kinds. This brings challenges as well as opportunities, and Colt has the expertise and the technology to enable you to meet the demands of clients, regulators, and a range of other professional organisations.

Colt helps customers to not only enable communication via email and the electronic exchange of documentation, but also works to ensure that each and every communication is protected and archived so that any risks to your firm can be mitigated.

Documents need to be managed reliably and swiftly, and we can ensure that your professional staff can gain access to them quickly and securely from wherever they happen to be.

We archive all information in our state-of-the-art data centres and provide instant and secure access so that you always have the information you need when you need it. You can provide clients with web access to services and we deliver the right bandwidth.

We can also help firms like yours to reduce costs by introducing technologies such as VoIP, as well as cutting travelling times (and carbon emissions) by facilitating more communication over our high quality networks.



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