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Trade faster than your competitors

Time is money, and never more so than today. Financial markets can move in a microsecond and being able to access trading data almost instantaneously is the crucial difference between success and failure.

Colt has a long history in the supply of integrated network and IT services to financial institutions. We offer the finance sector expertise and IT speciality to help you achieve real competitive advantage through innovative IT solutions.  

Trade faster than your competitors

To achieve the microsecond improvements in latency that automated trading demands, your servers should be located as close to their data source as possible, with a minimum amount of equipment in-between. Colt, working in partnership with the London Stock Exchange can make this a reality for your business.

Our Trading Network Service offers the fastest proximity service endorsed by the Exchange. Colt 10GE connectivity offers sub 100ms network latency round trip from Colt's data centre to the Exchange's matching engine and back. What’s more, our solution is built on our next generation Ethernet network, which is inherently a high-bandwidth, low-latency platform, ensuring the fastest possible latency, regardless of your trading volume.

Using IT solutions to get you closer to your markets

 Colt - LSE Proximity Hosting

Benefits that make a real difference to your business

Your bottom line is our top priority. That’s why we have designed a solution in partnership with the Exchange that optimises your business potential to execute more trades, faster. The benefits to your business include: 

  • Greatly reduced latency by placing your trading applications closer to your markets
  • Fully redundant 10GE trading access direct to the Exchange
  • Redundant metro or international backhaul
  • Remote hands availability
  • Fully Managed infrastructure, freeing up your staff to focus on your core business
  • Greater revenue generation potential

For more information on how Colt can help you trade faster, email us at, or call us on 0800 358 3131 (UK) or + 44 207 390 3253.

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