Voice Interconnect Solutions

A complete portfolio for you, powered by a next generation network

Colt offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice networking solutions, from traditional interconnects to IPX technology.

We have the right interconnect solutions to complete your Voice/VoIP retail offering, no matter whether your existing technology is Internet-based, centred around IPX GSMA standards or follows national VoIP agreements.

Traditional interconnect

International minute trading: Our trading team is dedicated to achieving the best prices and call quality anywhere in the world. We offer a choice of routing plans with price and quality options.

National interconnect: Our teams across Europe continually optimise our national interconnects with major national fixed and mobile operators, so we can provide you with the best regulated prices and quality.

VoIP interconnect and IPX

Our network and interconnect services fully support IP packet eXchange (IPX) as a new interconnect model. IPX provides a set of technical and commercial standards administered by the GSM Association.

The IPX model creates a converged interconnect environment for voice, data and video traffic. Traffic is carried across secure, private IP networks with guaranteed quality of service. Routing becomes more efficient, interconnect management is simplified and costs are reduced.

By ensuring calls are always carried as VoIP, you avoid unnecessary conversions and maximise call quality. Colt also provides online voice reporting tools to monitor performance.

Adding value to voice interconnect

Deliver IN traffic through your interconnect: Our enhanced IN over Carrier VoIP solutions allow you to develop your conferencing business or resell any Intelligent Network (IN) services across Europe in a cost efficient way. We will collect traffic from any local operator in any of our 28 Colt countries and deliver this to your VoIP platform.

Adding number management facilities based on an automated B2B interface: In future, you can offer local voice/VoIP services without having to invest in complex processes.Colt will be launching a Number Hosting solution that builds on our proven VoIP experience. It will give you a B2B interface to manage your high-volume business in line with local regulations. We will support regulated services such as emergency routing, legal intercepts and number management, which differ across Europe.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Benefit from Colt’s wholesale marketplace experience, gained from operating world-wide more than 400 carriers and 30 mobile operator interconnections for call termination
  • Meet your requirements for both the traditional TDM voice and fast-growing VoIP markets
  • Benefit from competitive prices for international minutes trading and call termination
  • Provide cost-effective call routing for customers with call centres or other services that manage high volumes of inbound traffic
  • Reduce management cost and complexity, thanks to Colt’s unified billing and support for regulatory compliance across Europe
  • Manage numbers for your end-customers’ telephony services, using new Number Hosting solutions
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  • Carrier Voice

    Colt’s reputation in the wholesale carrier voice market is envied: it is based on our unique geographic reach across Europe and our ability to offer the best range of connections available


  • Carrier VoIP

    Carrier VoIP connectivity from Colt can be provided world-wide via the public Internet for easy implementation. Alternatively, a dedicated Ethernet link across Europe is possible for secured, carrier-grade access. Thanks to our various features, we can adapt Carrier VoIP to your network architecture.


  • IN for Resellers

    IN Services supports a range of number types in Europe (Freephone, shared cost numbers and geographical numbers) and is based on prefix routing to terminate calls to your own network. Calls can be collected anywhere across Europe and delivered anywhere in the world. IN Services are subject to telecoms regulations across Europe. Colt’s expertise in this area can help you and your end-customers to stay compliant.


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