Tony Moulange

Tony joined Colt as Senior Business Development Manager in July 2009 with responsibility for the financial services vertical. He is working with global clients and liquidity pools on their low latency and algorithmic trading infrastructure.

Can buy-side be sold on the benefits of low latency?

23 Feb 2012

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In the world of capital markets, the term low latency isn’t new. When we think about exactly who is benefiting from real-time updates, the sell-side investment banks, brokerage firms who are selling assets, securities or the latest derivative typically come to mind. We do not usually associate the advising institutions directly focused on buying - such [...] Read more

Can emerging markets resist the algo trading bug in 2012?

16 Jan 2012

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In 2012, as algorithmic trading continues to evolve, it is my view that we will start to witness more firms using their systems to trade equities not only from the US and Europe, but also from the Middle Eastern, Latin America and Asian markets. The latest announcement that Colt’s sister company KVH will be expanding its [...] Read more

2012: The year that financial institutions get serious about regulation?

05 Dec 2011

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Looking back on 2011, it certainly seems that this is the year that regulators finally flexed their muscles, concluding with the FSA handing out a record £6m fine to a private investor for market abuse but the question remains as to whether all financial institutions have really got the message. There's no doubt that today's high [...] Read more

Getting to grips with latency for HFT in FX

10 Aug 2011

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There has been much discussion recently around the impact of high frequency trading (HFT) on the financial markets. There is no doubt that the concept of HFT, analysing market information such as stock prices to implement proprietary trading activity in a matter of seconds, has many advantages. This includes greater market liquidity, lower transaction costs and [...] Read more

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