Rakesh Bhasin

Rakesh Bhasin was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Colt in December 2006. Prior to joining Colt, Rakesh was President and Chief Executive at KVH Co. Ltd, a Fidelity Asia-focused telecom and network solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo. He continues to be a non-executive Chairman of KVH Co. Ltd today.

KVH is now part of Colt Group S.A.

08 Jan 2015

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I am excited to announce that Colt’s acquisition of KVH has now been completed. Colt and KVH are stronger together, able to better serve our customers with seamless solutions on a global basis, in local language to both our Asian and European customers. Now that KVH is part of the Colt family, we’re better equipped to [...] Read more

Celebrating 20 years of Colt

01 May 2012

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Colt turned 20 years old on Sunday 29 April and that’s made me think about how things have changed over the last two decades. Back in 1992 the World Wide Web had a total of 130 sites and you had to dial in, BlackBerry was a fruit and you still listened to music on tape or [...] Read more

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