Hugh Cumberland

Hugh is a specialist in STP, automation/efficiency and outsourcing, in post-trade, clearing/settlement and treasury/payments. Before joining Colt in 2011, he worked both inside Financial Services for banks and brokers and for service providers to the sector.

Is the end of open outcry worth mourning?

20 Feb 2015

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The Chicago Mercantile Exchange recently announced that it is to close its futures trading pits by the beginning of July this year, bringing to an end 150 years of open outcry trading. The sea of brightly-coloured jackets whose movements were once a barometer of market sentiment have now been replaced by the bluish glow of computer [...] Read more

The false economy of legacy

12 Dec 2014

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It is increasingly apparent that the longer-term viability and profitability of any financial institution depends on ending its reliance on legacy technology – IT systems that have been in place for decades and are no longer fit for the much changed business purpose. Extensive merger and acquisition activity in the industry has contributed to technological deficiencies, [...] Read more

The 2015 banking cloud debate needs to move beyond “is it safe”?

12 Nov 2014

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Next year will see the Cloud Banking World Series take place in London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai.  Given its scale, one could be forgiven for thinking that the banking community worldwide has finally embraced cloud.  But instead the series is billed as “the world’s first dedicated education journey”.  Does the banking community still need [...] Read more

The technology and infrastructure challenges of Scottish independence

18 Sep 2014

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Scotland decides today whether the country should be independent from the UK.  In the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, the political, economic and social upheaval will be significant. We don’t know what currency a newly independent Scotland will use, but no matter the outcome we can already speculate on a few areas. For example, Scotland would [...] Read more

Source of trust

17 Jan 2014

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For many companies in the financial sector, the resilience of their systems is vital to their business model and an area where no compromises can be made. Since financial companies have a level of systems requirements that are very specific and quite demanding, it is important for them to be able to trust their infrastructure partner. [...] Read more

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