Gary Moore

Gary Moore is Director of Business Development for cloud connectivity. He is responsible for making it easier for customers to consume their favourite cloud services over Colt’s network, and also for ensuring Colt’s network meets the needs of cloud service providers.

The ‘connecting to the cloud’ journey

03 Feb 2015

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We have seen a healthy interested in cloud in the last few months. This is no surprise. A pan-European study which we conducted last year – the Tech Deficit – pointed out that European businesses expected the use of Infrastructure-as-a-Service to grow by 52%. I would like to share a few lessons which are emerging based [...] Read more

Cloud disaster recovery and back-up in the spotlight at Cloud Expo 2014

26 Feb 2014

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We’re heading off to ExCel London today for Cloud Expo Europe to catch up with our customers and partners, and to take part in discussions exploring key technology and business advancements driving cloud adoption across Europe.  We’re seeing more and more enterprises take the plunge and move some, or even all, of their infrastructure to the [...] Read more

ArrowSphere: a blueprint for cloud services distributors to follow?

26 Nov 2013

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It’s difficult to overemphasise the impact that cloud services are having on Colt’s distribution channel. For many years, resellers (and therefore their distributors) have mainly relied on selling servers and licences to end customers. However, the introduction of cloud services has changed everything. More and more, service providers like Colt are the main companies needing to [...] Read more

A post-VMworld view: why the integrity of business critical services really matters

21 Oct 2013

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On returning from the VMworld event, I must say that I feel very proud of Colt's rapid progress in this market segment. We were able to exploit all of the hard work of the previous few quarters to present an industry-leading suite of services, all of which can be ordered today. Our extensive estate gives us [...] Read more

Are there new revenue opportunities for VARs at VMworld?

14 Oct 2013

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The slogan for this year’s VMworld in Barcelona certainly made me sit up and take notice: “Defy Convention”. It is a bold call-to-action and one that immediately begs the question, “What is the ‘convention’ to which they are referring?” Taking a look through a long list of rather technical sessions on the website, one popular theme [...] Read more

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