Voice Matters

27 June 2011

We're making less personal calls in the age of texting and email, but the need for high quality Voice services in the commercial world is more vital than ever. Colt is working hard to deliver the quality and pricing that enables you to make voice valuable. Read more

All Life is Data

22 June 2011

Information is what makes us human - so says a new book by James Gleick. Our challenge has always been to harness it, organise it, and make it useful. Something Colt does each and every day. Read more

Can Data be Green?

22 June 2011

The rise of the data centre is worrying environmentalists as power usage soars across the world. But Colt's latest award - for energy efficiency in the data centre - proves, a lot of work is being done to cut CO2 emissions in the sector. Read more

Customer support in your language

20 June 2011

Colt's Customer Service Centre in Barcelona delivers local support in 15 languages right across Europe, and does it in a seamless and simple way. Customers call a local number and the team in Barcelona do the rest. Read more

The Wisdom of Customers - Colt Connections

20 June 2011

Colt is putting customers at the heart of service development with the launch of Colt Connections. You can spend just five minutes a month engaging with Colt and you could make a big difference to future products and services! Read more

Can the Internet help you see into the future?

30 May 2011

We love to make predictions and read about them, even though most are totally wrong. Now, the Internet with its billions of web searches and Tweets is being used to try and predict the future. Will it work? Read more

The DVD - Lost in the Stream

23 May 2011

Fewer and fewer people are renting DVDs let alone actually buying them and the trend is a sudden one: its hitting Hollywood studios and making producers scratch their heads about how to squeeze profits from their movies and TV shows, The answer is to stream their product - it's what people want, and they're voting with their mice and clicking for movies online. Read more

Making the Lync

23 May 2011

At the heart of the move toward Unified Communications are products like Microsoft's Lync, which 'links' all your people together enabling them to collaborate through products like MS Office, Exchange and Sharepoint. Colt has been certified to open up the promise of the product to its customers. Read more

Control is Everything

23 May 2011

Applications are at the heart of what most 21st century businesses do - but are they working to their full potential, or different applications fighting with each other for bandwidth on your network and slowing your business down? The point is to take control. Read more

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