Making it easy to work with Colt

30 August 2011

Colt recently transformed its online presence with and it includes re-designed online tools that enable customers to take control of the services and applications they use. The aim is simple: to make it easy for you to do business with Colt. Read more

Is your Memory Redundant?

30 August 2011

Researchers are finding that we're relying more and more on the Internet to find and store information, rather than trying to remember it. Some say that's changing the way we remember everything. The consequences could be far-reaching! Read more

Is the Internet turning us into Lab Rats?

30 August 2011

We all feel good when we find something we're looking for on Google - scientists think that our brains are hard-wired to seek out rewards, and the Internet is feeding our natural urge to search. Read more

The Death of the Cloud?

01 July 2011

Thanks to the misuse of the phrase "The Cloud" and, until recently, the lack of agreement on a clear technical definition, the meaning of "The Cloud" and “Cloud Computing” are heading in different directions. Read more

Face-to-Face in the Information Age

27 June 2011

It's a paradox but the more IT we use to exchange information the more important face-to-face meetings become. The predicted downturn in business travel hasn't happened - why? Read more

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