Organisations that embrace change will thrive

09 December 2011

In an interview with Colt CEO, Rakesh Bhasin, we find out how one of the world leading technology companies wants you to take them for granted. The simple reason is so you can get on with what you do best whilst THEY worry about the technology that helps you thrive. Read more

Take the Tablets! They're good for you

01 November 2011

We're using our devices to do more work and run our lives - and the rise of the tablet computer is making a big difference to business. The iPad and products like it aren't just for leisure use - they're going to be big in commerce too! Read more

IT that just works the way you want it to work

01 November 2011

Colt has been working on solutions that get to the heart of what small and medium sized enterprises need in a fast moving but difficult marketplace. The central idea is a simple one: deliver simple solutions that are easy to deploy, are totally scalable and can be configured any way you want them to be. Read more

Talking about the Cloud at Capacity Europe

01 November 2011

Francois Eloy, EVP, Colt Technology Services will be taking part in an important session at the forthcoming Capacity Europe event in Amsterdam at the end of November, focusing on the Cloud. Read more

A billion dollar spelling mistake

01 November 2011

Most spelling mistakes are embarrassing, but this one helped make one company a multi-billion dollar giant and gave us all a new noun, verb and adjective. But what was the original word and where did it come from? Read more

Facebook explains everything

01 November 2011

Over 750 million people use Facebook around the world - it's a social phenomenon. Now a British Anthropologist has done some fieldwork out in cyberspace instead of a distant jungle - and he likes what he sees! Read more

The Pay-Per-Use revolution is good news

01 November 2011

Consumerisation and Pay-Per-Use Business Services can cause some to worry about the future - but Francois Eloy, Vice President of Colt Communications Services, thinks it’s all good news. He tells us why. Read more

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