Globelynx Case Study

Globelynx and Colt provide corporate customers with a fast and responsive broadcasting solution for real time programming.

BusinessFixed-position broadcast service provider, enabling live TV reports and interviews from business and finance newsmakers.
ChallengeTo grow business in the fastchanging world of broadcast. To expand across the UK and into Europe.
SolutionNetwork Services
Products and ServicesColt Smart Office, Colt LanLink, Server hosting

Watch David FitzGerald - Managing Director discuss their 10 year partnership with Colt Technology Services and their use of Colt HD Broadcasting solutions or download the case study as a pdf.

Colt supports the growth plans of Globelynx by taking the effort out of connecting broadcasters and newsmakers to viewers in real time.

When you think ‘Heathrow Airport’ your first association probably isn’t ‘TV broadcasts’. But that’s what was on the mind of airport operator BAA when it turned to Globelynx for high-quality fixed broadcast connectivity from the airport.

Whether it’s tens of thousands of athletes descending on London for the 2012 Summer Olympics or an Icelandic volcano causing havoc with world travel, news broadcasters often want to report from London Heathrow Airport. This used to be difficult for the airport to facilitate. Broadcasters had to bring their own satellite broadcast vans and securing access was a perennial issue. Broadcasts usually took place from one of the nearby hotels.

Today it’s a different story. Broadcasters can simply send a camera, cameraman and reporter and have them plug straight into one of three broadcast stands on a Heathrow roof, giving a great view of flight activity. There’s also now an on-site interior studio that can be used for interviews. Both the studio and rooftop setups are provided and managed by Globelynx; and the HD-quality fibre transmission network underpinning the solution is provided by Globelynx’s network partner, Colt.  

The network behind the news…

UK-based Globelynx, now part of the Press Association group, carries over 500 live TV broadcasts per month over its fibre broadcast network. These bring news and interviews from Europe’s business and financial centres to viewers, without the expense of satellite truck deployment or travel by interviewees to studios.

A Globelynx solution may include a fixed self-operated camera or, as in the case of Heathrow Airport, an inject point for a camera to plug into. Globelynx then provides engineering support, a 24x7 master control room to set up and monitor every broadcast, and a web-based management system used by clients and broadcasters to book interviews and camera slots. The Globelynx network is behind many of the live reports and interviews that TV viewers see on the news, and helps corporate customers publicise their activities to the media and other target audiences.

…needs a reliable and innovative network provider

Since its founding more than ten years ago, Globelynx has partnered with Colt to deliver its broadcast services. David FitzGerald, Globelynx managing director, explains why:

"Colt delivers, it works; it’s as simple as that. And that’s not easy in the broadcast industry. Colt has kept pace with the technology developments in our industry and has always been flexible and responsive to our needs. They don’t just provide wires. They spot issues and fix them before we’re aware of them. They work with us to develop new technological capabilities and design customised solutions for our clients."

The Heathrow solution, for example, was designed to minimise costs by having the studio share a circuit with one of the rooftop circuits.

FitzGerald gives more examples of how Colt has supported Globelynx’s 20% year-on-year growth:

“Colt was there when we needed to deliver our first HD solution. They were there when we extended our service to capture feeds from Europe for the first time. They’re with us now as we expand across the UK and further into Europe. They’re working with us to perfect the ability to compress and encrypt, uncompress and decrypt live broadcast transmissions so that we can use less bandwidth without compromising quality or introducing delays.” 

Expansion to Europe calls for a European partner

Colt is Globelynx’s sole broadcast connectivity partner, connecting venues to the Globelynx master switch in central London using a combination of Colt’s metropolitan fibre network presence and long-haul Ethernet multi-service platform. Globelynx then distributes the content to the world’s major broadcasters.

Colt delivered Globelynx’s first HD circuit to connect CMC Markets’ London trading floor with Sky News via an uncompressed 1.5GB circuit. Its first international circuit was to The Hague in the Netherlands. Today the whole Globelynx network is HD-ready and expansion in Europe has continued with connectivity to Paris, France.

“Colt isn’t just the perfect partner for us in the UK but throughout Europe,” says FitzGerald. “They directly control a substantial broadcast-ready network in all the major cities we want to expand to. We expect to continue working very closely with Colt to make our vision for Globelynx a reality.” 

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