Designing a solution which fits

If you’ve established the reason why you need to improve or transform your network, it’s time to go to the drawing board.

Our dedicated personnel with industry expertise and engineering capability can design complex projects to exacting standards. Their mission is to produce a network design document, defining how a new or enhanced network solution will drive your business forward.

The scope of the document will cover the technical overview, from topology and design aspects to how the network and its traffic will be managed. It will also show how it will integrate with your existing systems and business platforms.

Colt’s consultants have used an industry-leading portfolio of products to design network enhancements and upgrades to customers throughout Europe.

Our expertise is in the most sought after areas of managed services, data networking services, IP voice and intelligent networks, and we have developed tried and trusted methodologies for designing quality solutions.

Customers have reported experiencing more reliable and secure transmission of critical information after making recommended changes. Some have increased their customer base substantially after successful migrations to their newly configured networks.

This is because we have applied the right technology and aligned it to business driven propositions. We insist on best practice and are committed to getting it right first time.

By the end of the Colt design process customers will have all the detail they need to progress to implementation and service management packages.

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