Need extra capacity for your VMware environment?

05 December 2012

It's easy to scale IT resources to meet seasonal demands or other business-led traffic peaks with Colt's Enterprise Cloud – the first pan-European vCloud platform based on the latest VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 Read more

Is The Cloud the right place to put your infrastructure?

20 February 2012

The debate about the merits of The Cloud continues, but it's clear that many businesses see it as a good way of increasing flexibility and cutting costs. Infrastructure-as-a-Service is another aspect of Cloud that Colt believes you should be thinking about. Read more

This is where it's @

10 February 2012

We all use it every single day - we take it for granted - and most of think it was invented for email. But the @ or 'ampersat' is an ancient symbol that's been transformed into a digital necessity. Find out how. Read more

Streaming Streep in Berlin

10 February 2012

Each year the Berlinale - the Berlin Film Festival - marks the beginning of a busy season in the film production world. And each year Colt is critical to the success of the event. We take a quick look at what's on offer at the 62nd Berlinale, and how Colt is making it happen. Read more

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