Application Hosting and Management


Application performance your business can depend on

When your organisation wants to introduce new applications or systems, or expand into new markets, it's vital that the IT infrastructure can scale quickly and easily to cope. You can't afford to compromise productivity or competitiveness for want of server capacity, up-to-date desktop hardware or investment budget.

  • Is your organisation keen to improve employee productivity and business continuity? 
  • Do you want to release your in-house teams from day-to-day tasks so they can focus on strategy and innovation?
  • Is optimising your web presence or better integrating applications a priority?
  • Are you looking to move from CAPEX-based to OPEX-based IT delivery?

Rely on Colt to host and manage your applications for you and get access to the economies of scale and efficiencies of a leading information delivery platform. We can deliver and scale IT platforms and applications much faster than you can achieve in house, and put you in control of your own resources for some services.
Our pan-European network and ownership of Colt data centres and cloud-based platforms means you can plug into your applications from anywhere, improving business continuity and website performance, and enabling people to work more productively and access information more readily. Virtual desktop solutions let you avoid or delay hardware refresh and buy less expensive devices for new desktops.
Naturally, our cloud-based infrastructure and solution platforms keep your applications and data secure. They'll also help you reduce IT's physical footprint and use of energy.


Improve business continuity: give your organisation applications that perform better and are less prone to downtime
Innovate with ease: get a scalable platform for adding and expanding business and web applications
Enhance productivity: introduce virtualised solutions for anytime, anywhere access to applications
Meet your green agenda: our cloud-based platforms will help you reduce IT's physical footprint and energy use

System & Software Library

Add System and Software Library to your Cloud Infrastructure Service for a fully managed IT platform. We manage and monitor your web server, application server and database software; you swap CAPEX for OPEX and get shorter provisioning lead times.

Managed Workspace

Get access to everyday business applications when and where you need them. We take care of availability, performance and security, helping you reduce application management costs while improving service levels

Managed Grid

Meet your growing high-performance computing (HPC) or batch-processing requirements without capital investment. Or relieve your in-house team of day-to-day operational tasks by outsourcing management of your existing grid to us.


Does every new application result in a new server purchase? Do you have a sprawl of under-utilised servers that are time-consuming to manage? With our virtualisation services you'll dramatically reduce server requirements while making it easier to deploy and scale applications. You'll also improve application uptime and cut costs across the board.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Colt's Cloud Infrastructure Service provides you with a modular IT infrastructure provided on a subscription basis. It's quick and easy to scale resources in line with changing business needs, whether in a test-and-development or production environment.

Managed Web Hosting

Hosting your websites in-house is time-consuming for IT. Offload the management burden by taking high-availability web server hosting and management services from Colt. You'll reduce capital expenditure and IT operating costs, be able to respond faster to changing web needs and free resources to focus on your core business.

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