Intrusion prevention service

Colt Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) goes beyond the capabilities of a firewall, using real-time inline protection to deliver a proactive network security service that forms a key part of our multi-layer security approach.

We use industry leading intrusion prevention systems to monitor network traffic, performing deep inspection for suspicious activity and then enforcing your corporate security policy with differentiated actions; blocking, monitoring and recording. The IPS works in conjunction with our managed firewall service to create layered security; the firewall service filters and partitions traffic whilst the IPS can span multiple packets, spotting suspicious trends in traffic and subsequently alerting the user or blocking the threat.

IPS is provided as an additional service when you take other managed services in Colt data centres. The service comprises installation, operation, update and maintenance of dedicated hardware and software.  With IPS, Colt will help you implement your defined security policies and perform round-the-clock management and monitoring from the Colt Security Operations Centre (SOC).

The key benefits of Colt's Intrusion Prevention Service are:

  • Best-of-breed hardware and software,  that continually evolve with advances in technology to combat increasingly sophisticated threats, included within the service
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Security professional expertise and processes you may lack in house
  • Full lifecycle management ensuring high customer service at every stage
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Colt service is based on a leading vendor’s supported platforms. This world leader in intrusion prevention is key for delivery of these services, ensuring rapid research into developing threats and updates to the platform in order to maintain your security every hour of the day.

The specific deployment and configuration of IPS and applied policy within your solution will be established during design meetings with you, and upon request with guidance from Colt’s Security Professional Services. The IPS sensors are connected to your network/IT infrastructure solution. Each time a suspicious event, or series of events, is identified, an alarm is created and any immediate action is implemented.

During provisioning of the IPS sensors a period of tuning the signatures will be carried out to improve the effectiveness of the alarms and reduce the number of false positives that are generated.

Colt manages the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and performs service management activities to maintain the integrity of the service throughout its lifecycle. The IPS signatures are updated and applied to the systems whenever there is a new update. The configuration is backed up regularly and logs are retained for a period of time in order to support reporting and analysis.

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