In-Flight Encryption

Business is increasingly dependent on interconnected and distributed systems, resulting in more complex infrastructures and increased security risks. New regulations are putting more pressure on governance and management. Colt Encryption protects your sensitive data from eavesdropping, manipulation and other sophisticated attacks.


Enterprises are evolving quickly to become more flexible and agile to meet new challenges, expectations and opportunities in the marketplace. They rely on the rapid and secure exchange of information and need to support a mobile workforce that requires secure access to corporate resources. An insecure connection can jeopardise customer confidence and put regulatory compliance at risk.

Colt addresses these needs. Our high-performance fibre network is private and secure, and our advanced In-Flight Encryption meets the most demanding needs of customers in sectors where compliance and confidentiality are paramount.

In-Flight Encryption from a best-in-class partner provides reliable protection.  Colt’s Encryption solutions offer all-round, secure information exchange in MAN, WAN and SAN networks.

Ultimately, our customers benefit from secure and reliable connectivity without any negative impact on performance, latency or bandwidth.

While the Internet provides unrivalled access all over the world, it is a shared and open network where malicious persons can easily copy and potentially misuse your company data. Colt has setup several security measures to safely send data over the Internet between remote end-users and your company network:

  • All data is sent encrypted over the Internet, you can choose between IPsec or SSL Encryption
  • Authentication is required to access the company network and encrypted in case of Wi-Fi access Access to Colt’s end-user administration web-portal is encrypted (https)

If you need to transfer large amounts of important data at high speeds (up to 10Gbps) between two or more nearby sites as part of your daily business, performing encryption in-hardware is the response. Our encryption:

  • Is available on Ethernet and Fibre Channel/FICON networks
  • Uses algorithms with a key length of 256 bits that re-generate every few minutes
  • Has a less than 0.1% impact on throughput
  • Introduces less than 5 microseconds of latency
  • Creates a separation of management between the service transport and the encryption layers, leaving you the full control of the encryption keys

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