Business Continuity has never been more important.

The demands on your organisation are immense: you have to ensure business continuity in the face of multiple threats and meet ever more stringent regulatory and commercial compliance guidelines.  You have to backup your data in real time, mirror your systems, store your transactions possibly for decades to come, and ensure that information is available 24/7.

Colt SANLink provides a simple and highly reliable means of interconnecting your Storage Area Networks via point-to-point connections on dedicated fibre. That’s it. You can get on with building your SAN architecture, whilst we deliver the security and resilience of high quality links.

The combined Colt Group has the ability to do this successfully for leading global financial, governmental and commercial organisations, and Colt’s unique strength is that we have our own high quality fibre network that spans 28 countries with Colt-owned infrastructure and 47 major cities.

It’s estimated that your digital storage needs are going to grow by up to 70% each year over the next decade – that means you’re going to have to deal with ten times more data than you do now. Colt can give you the confidence, connections and bandwidth to meet those demands successfully - now.

Design your Storage Area Network to suit your needs.

Colt’s SANLink service has been designed to give you the flexibility you need to create the right Storage Area Network for your organisation quickly and cost-effectively. We’re specialists in connectivity and through our wholly owned fibre network we can provide the certainty and support you need to deliver business continuity.

Many of our customers opt for dual, diversely routed unprotected SANLink services preferring to send the same data down each link to achieve the ultimate in resilience. Customers often ask us to terminate the two connections of their dual links on different electronics in different rooms, and to provide dual-entry to the building as well – and it’s never a problem and always possible.

We recommend that you deploy unprotected links that way because storage software is usually very highly sensitive to delays, which can occur when a protection switch takes up to 50 milliseconds to allow data through in response to a fault condition. Those delays cause storage applications to time out, which, of course, defeats the object.

Colt offers complete peace of mind: our managed service offers access to a 24/7 Network Operations Centre so that any faults can be dealt with quickly and locally (and in your language). Our SLAs are famously stringent, our equipment is completely compatible with all major storage vendors (often certified by them) and we can provide diversely routed connections via redundant fibre paths if that suits your needs.

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