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The challenges you face are clear: your organisation runs on data – it’s an asset that keeps it competitive and agile. You need the data centre capacity to store and secure it as well as provide instant access to it. It has to be able to cope with increasing computer-intensive business models, and enable you to exploit all the emerging technologies, from cloud and SaaS to high density ’blade’ servers. And of course, it has to have strong green credentials – low power usage, efficient cooling systems, extensive use of  recyclable materials, and environmentally-friendly operation.

But both space and power are scarce, energy prices are rising, and you have to comply with ever more stringent data collection, data protection and sustainability requirements.

How do you do it all swiftly and cost effectively?

We’ve created a new and innovative solution to your needs, and it’s totally redefined the data centre. Our unique Modular Data Centre design allows us to build for you a state-of-the-art, high-quality and power efficient data centre within just four months. And what's more, our Modular Data Centres are built to last. We’re not talking about ‘container’ based data centres either: we mean large-scale, ‘traditional’ data centres built in a radical new way, using standardised manufacturing techniques and components on a production line.  And it can be delivered to a Colt site, to be managed as part of our data centre infrastructure, or to a site you’ve chosen yourself.

It's a radical new approach. Find out more.


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