Managed Grid Service

Get access to fully managed grid resources – fast


  • Reduce operating costs: take advantage of our managed service to benefit from economies of scale and grid management best practices
  • Respond to change faster: call on grid computing capacity when you need it, much more quickly than provisioning your own
  • Innovate cost-effectively: don't hold back on test and development environments due to lack of grid infrastructure or processing power
  • Stay in control: know where your data is at all times so that you can meet your regulatory requirements

Key features

  • Access to fully managed grid resources without capital investment
  • Faster computations and higher throughput with improved application performance
  • Predictable monthly charges for the grid resources covered by your contract
  • Security: Tier 3 data centres, certified to ISO 27001 standards, and security operations staff who are all vetted before recruitment

Our Managed Grid Service is designed for organisations that want to relieve their in-house team of the day-to-day tasks of delivering their existing DataSynapse grid services, or for organisations that don't have the resources and skills to invest in and build their own grid from scratch.

We install, configure and manage the hardware and update the software, while you keep control of your grid library files, workload scheduling to the grid and other grid-related functions.

Delivered in Partnership

We deliver the Managed Grid Service in partnership with TIBCO, a leading grid technology vendor. By combining TIBCO's DataSynapse technology and expertise with our network and data centres, we can provide a managed grid solution that's designed and operated in the most effective way possible, to give you maximum flexibility and value for money.

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The Managed Grid Service provides fully managed computational grids using Grid Servers running on infrastructure in Colt data centres. Grid computing software, known as Grid Manager, prioritises, schedules and load-balances HPC application workloads. Two components run within the Grid Manager:

  • Grid Broker allocates resources, controls jobs and holds the application libraries for your applications; these are downloaded by the Grid Engines when the Grid Broker allocates a job to them.
  • Grid Director authenticates and allocates Grid Clients (your applications) and Grid Engines to Grid Brokers based on defined policies.

We'll install and manage the underlying grid compute resources using virtual machines containing DataSynapse Grid Engine instances. We offer standard physical or virtual machine images for Windows and RedHat Linux. Alternatively, we may be able to patch and operate virtual machine images supplied by you.

The service also includes Grid Event and Statistical Databases; and weekly grid usage and service summary reports.

Service Implementation

We install the Grid Manager Server software and configure it in line with your defined requirements. We provision the run-time environments and Grid Engine instances to the virtual machines. We also configure a number of pre-defined user roles that allow different levels of access to the management interface on the Grid Manager server.

Service Management and Support

We manage and maintain all grid operational functions running in our data centres 24x7. This includes:

  • Monitoring the Grid Servers and Grid Engines and the underlying infrastructure
  • Daily backup of system files and configuration
  • Monitoring a range of parameters on the servers and taking any action needed, in agreement with you
  • Software updates and patching, which we'll coordinate with you as necessary.

We also take responsibility for incident management, problem management, configuration management and capacity management. We work within an ITIL framework to ensure consistent processes and industry best practice.

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