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How can you connect two important sites together, or enable your branches to connect directly to your HQ securely, cost-effectively, and effortlessly? Simple: the technology you need is already in place: your existing Ethernet.

Colt’s Ethernet Point-to-Point, and Hub-and-Spoke solutions mean that you can create a network that provides your people with the connectivity that gets them working, serving customers, and developing your business. You don’t need to invest in new equipment, bring in new expertise, or suffer an increase in complexity.

Colt has been pioneering the use of Ethernet for the WAN so that you get high speed access to business critical applications when, and where you need them. It’s an easy to manage, highly scalable and flexible solution – that allows you to change your speed and Class of Service parameters easily, and opt for different bandwidths to suit your developing business needs.

Colt’s renowned global coverage on a wholly owned fibre network means that you can connect data centres together, or branch offices with your HQ using existing skills sets within your current IT team. And it’s not merely a metro-centric offering, Colt has worked hard to ensure that you benefit from this solution on both the national and international levels too.

Our award winning pedigree in the Ethernet arena means that there is no one else better equipped to deliver Ethernet connectivity, and then support you 24/7, locally and in your own language. Our performance is matched by that of the service which achieves up to 99.999% availability.

Colt is a trusted LanLink provider to companies across Europe, Asia and in the U.S. Read what our customers have to say by downloading the case studies below:

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Complete flexibility and control. Ultimate simplicity and effectiveness.

Colt Ethernet Point-to-Point services enable you to connect sites within cities, across countries, and internationally. You’re also able to create and run your own VLAN, broadcast and multicast domains and do so simply and flexibly because you can manage it exactly the same way you manage your LAN right now. By making full use of the Ethernet technology you’re already using to run your LAN you get more out of your existing resources. The fact that that Ethernet hardware is substantially cheaper than specialist WAN kit means that you can lower the total cost of ownership of your entire network.

Our backbone network is built with protected connections using self-healing architecture to deliver the resilience you need. Our services are fully separated so no other party can intercept any data travelling between your sites. Naturally, our own premises are also very secure.

We can offer a range of speeds that match your needs, from 1Mbps to 10Gbps. Our bandwidth offerings are highly granular, so you can pitch the right speeds for your current needs, and if they change you can adjust the service to meet them quickly and efficiently.

Our solid partnerships with more than 70 global partners mean that even if one of your sites isn’t connected to our wholly owned fibre network, we can integrate them seamlessly and quickly. By dealing with just one supplier you avoid the headaches usually associated with dealing with multiple companies. We work to a very demanding SLA that guarantees support 24/7.

MEF_best service of the year_2014MEF_wholesale service provider_2014MEF_retail service provider of the year_2014

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