Financial Services

A Long Tradition in Financial Services


Colt was founded back in the 1990s to serve the rapidly changing needs of the financial community. We are at the heart of the Financial Services sector’s mission critical activities – from trading to market data provision, from transaction and payment processing to information delivery and security, with liquidity management in between.  We have recently connected to Turquoise, the new European equities trading venue. Click here to learn more.

Central to our offering is our wholly-owned and managed network and data centres which spans 28 European countries providing last-mile fibre to over 21,828 building in the cities that count.

We provide fully managed services right up to the operating system level for many of the world’s largest financial organisations.

Our customers include the world’s largest 25 institutions. We connect 20 of Europe’s stock exchanges hosting seven of them. We service the top five providers of market data, and provide the payments infrastructure for 13 central European banks.

Every day our networks carry trillions of dollars securely and reliably.


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