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 High-performance infrastructure your business can rely on.

When your organisation wants to introduce new applications or systems, or expand into new markets, it's vital to have an IT infrastructure that can scale quickly and easily to cope. But you don't want to be worrying about everyday infrastructure management and capacity planning, when you should be focusing on business improvements and strategic developments.

  • Do you tend to over-provision to meet peaks in demand, leaving resources lying idle at other times?
  • Can your IT infrastructure ensure the levels of availability and performance the business expects?
  • Do you want to release your in-house team from day-to-day tasks so they can focus on strategy and innovation?
  • Are you looking to move from CAPEX-based to OPEX-based IT delivery?

Colt's IT Services help you control costs by shifting from CAPEX-based to OPEX-based IT delivery. Our services are highly scalable, so you don't have to over-provision – it's our job to ensure that capacity meets demand.

We can provision and scale IT infrastructures much faster than companies can achieve in house, whether to support new products and services or expand into new markets. With 22 data centres in 10 European countries, we're where you need us to be – including making sure your data is where it needs to be for compliance purposes.

When we take on the day-to-day running of your infrastructure we’ll improve its availability and performance against guaranteed service levels. You'll reduce IT management overheads and release resources to focus on what really matters to your business.

Key benefits:

  • Get to market faster: gain access to rapidly provisioned, highly scalable IT infrastructures
  • Improve performance and availability:benefit from end-to-end SLAs made possible by our ownership and control of our network and data centre resources
  • Let in-house teams add more value: release them from day-to-day tasks to focus on more strategic projects
  • Manage risk: we'll make sure your data is where it needs to be for compliance purposes

  • Grid Extension

    The Colt Grid Extension service provides customers with computational grid resources by deploying Tibco DataSynapse Grid Engines to VMware virtual machines or physical servers that run within a Colt Data Centre.


  • Managed Grid

    Meet your growing high-performance computing (HPC) or batch-processing requirements without capital investment. Or relieve your in-house team of day-to-day operational tasks by outsourcing management of your existing grid to us.


  • Virtualisation

    Does every new application result in a new server purchase? Do you have a sprawl of under-utilised servers that are time-consuming to manage? With our virtualisation services you'll dramatically reduce server requirements while making it easier to deploy and scale applications. You'll also improve application uptime and cut costs across the board.


  • Agile Infrastructure Services

    Colt's Agile Infrastructure Service provides you with an IT infrastructure, provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is quick and easy to scale resources in line with changing business needs, whether in a test-and-development or production environment.


  • Dedicated Infrastructure

    Colt's Dedicated Infrastructure service provides the installation, management and support of servers, load balancers and switches. Combined with our network and facilities services, Dedicated Infrastructure forms the foundation of your data-centre solution and underpins delivery of your business-critical applications.


  • Managed Storage

    Colt’s Managed Storage Service provides you with shared or dedicated primary storage capacity. The service helps improve data availability and recovery, and can be easily extended in line with your growing storage needs; you don’t have to worry about capacity planning, infrastructure management or hardware refreshes.


  • Managed Web Hosting

    Hosting your websites in-house is time-consuming for IT. Offload the management burden by taking high-availability web server hosting and management services from Colt. You'll reduce capital expenditure and IT operating costs, be able to respond faster to changing web needs and free resources to focus on your core business.


  • Managed Hosted Firewall

    Firewalls are a core component of an overall network and information security infrastructure. Colt offers a layered firewall deployment and best of breed approach to ensure the most effective network perimeter level defence for your critical assets against unwanted and unauthorised access.


  • Intrusion Detection System

    Intrusion detection systems (IDS) take network perimeter defence to another level. The key difference from a firewall is that an IDS can span multiple packets and spot suspicious trends in traffic that a firewall, with its more simplistic rules, may not pick up. It looks out for network intrusion traffic patterns and signatures and generates alerts when suspicious traffic behaviour is detected which are then acted upon.


  • SAN Link

    Colt SANLink Metro provides cost-effective point-to-point storage connectivity in 34 cities across Europe. SANLink is based on a simple concept, with dedicated optical fibres and electronics that provide reliable, secure connectivity between storage networks at a variety of speeds and interfaces.


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