Public Sector

Technology can continue to transform the way government and public organisations operate. Colt has both the technology and expertise to help do just that while meeting, and exceeding your targets.

For the last sixty years the NHS has been working to fulfil its founding vision: to make the latest medical science available to all, and to do it efficiently and effectively throughout the country.

Colt has been working with an increasing number of leading hospitals and Trusts in London and across Britain for over a decade to do just that. Our voice and data technology is enabling costs to be cut (up to 30% reduction in call costs in some cases)  and more information to be shared over our high speed, secure and robust dedicated fibre optic network.

Medical professionals and their colleagues are able to share patient notes, images, x-rays and other data quickly and securely. That means hospitals and Trusts can concentrate on improving health care outcomes and so make the NHS far more responsive to the needs of patients each and every day.

Our experience in providing vital support to medical centres of excellence isn’t confined to Britain; we supply both voice, data and Managed services to health services in a number of European countries. Because our network is wholly owned and managed and is only used by customers in the private and government sectors organisations working within the NHS can count on exceptionally high standards of customer care.

Colt’s team of professionals are ready to talk about what your hospital or Trust might need and to assess the ways in which we can help you cut costs, improve patient care, and meet (and exceed) your targets.

Colt has worked with local and central government across Europe for over a decade, from health and education bodies to local government and transport authorities, helping them provide real value to both their business and the public.
Because of our focus on this segment, we understand the complex ways in which government organisations are measured and targeted for success, their budgeting cycles and often unpredictable financial constraints. We appreciate how you interact with stakeholders as well as the highly visible and sensitive interactions with the public.

Our legal team are resourced for the demands of the public sector, contracting through third parties, responding to detailed RFP's, and dealing with often complex and detailed framework agreements.

Colt’s portfolio of data, voice and managed services can help you ensure cost effective secure high speed access to data and applications for your employees, stakeholders and the public you serve. All our services are carried over our wholly owned and managed fibre optic network – you can count on exceptionally high standards of reliability and consistently.  

Our team of professionals will work with your team to assess optimal ways to cut costs, improve public confidence, increase availability with reliable high speed access to data and applications – to help you meet (and exceed) your targets.

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