Managed Secure Authentication

Despite increasing attention and user education, passwords can be easily captured through phishing, key logging or shoulder surfing. Identity theft is the fastest growing online crime. Colt’s Managed Secure Authentication enables the rigorous identification of an individual in a quick, easy and flexible way.

Remote working is ever increasing, exposing corporate systems to external and remote users. Employees access virtual desktop environments from their homes and with their own devices. Individual access must be secured for network and IT managers to remotely configure systems and appliances.

In these situations, the authentication method must provide higher assurance and accountability than simple passwords. Enterprises face a significant trade-off in authentication strength, total cost of ownership and ease of use. Furthermore, the rise of compliance requirements in various industry sectors means that it is no longer a “nice to have”, but a necessity.

Colt’s Managed Secure Authentication helps to address these requirements. It is based on market-leading technology and provides multiple user options and service preferences. It is quick and easy to deploy, it doesn’t require new hardware or software to install or maintain and no training required for the end users.

Colt’s Managed Secure Authentication strengthens the traditional password-based authentication (“what you know”) adding a token as second factor (“what you have”) to securely access networks, systems and applications.

A token generates  a random 6-8 digit passcode that a user needs in addition to their username and password/PIN to access the protected resources.

We provide a fully managed authentication service via hard tokens, soft tokens – a token application  on the end user’s smartphone, or a tokenless option whereby a one-time passcode is sent via SMS or email. This  gives you maximum flexibility of choice and scale, with the ability to support from a few up to several thousand users.
The administration is made easy and intuitive through a secure web portal.

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