System and Software Library

Managed software for your managed infrastructure


  • Control costs: reduce the CAPEX associated with owning and operating enterprise software by moving to an OPEX-based model
  • Get peace of mind: know that your mission-critical software is being managed and monitored effectively; see for yourself with our online portal
  • Grow and innovate: respond more quickly to changing business needs with shorter software provisioning lead times
  • Get the best from your team: refocus your IT team from software maintenance to more strategic activities

Key features

  • Range of managed web server, application server and database software
  • Predictable monthly billing for straightforward budgeting
  • Expert support for your software: installation, operation and 24x7 monitoring
  • Secure online portal for tracking software performance

If you're using Colt's Cloud Infrastructure Service to out-task management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, you can do the same with your web server, application server and database software.

Add System and Software Library to your Cloud Infrastructure Service and get a fully managed IT platform that lets you run your existing enterprise software unchanged. You move from owning the software to renting it, converting CAPEX to OPEX. You get predictable monthly billing that makes budgeting easier, shorter software provisioning lead times, and expert support.

The same secure portal that lets you monitor the availability, performance and capacity of your infrastructure also lets you keep track of software performance.

Helpful Information

Our System and Software Library offers the following software:

  • Apache Web Server
  • IIS
  • Apache Tomcat
  • JBoss Application Server
  • MySQL database
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Oracle database
  • Citrix

Service implementation

We install and operate your managed software on the physical or virtual servers we manage for you in our secure data centres.

Service management and support

We monitor your service, including your software, 24x7. Monitored aspects include server availability, CPU and memory utilisation, free disk space and network interfaces.

We take responsibility for change management, incident management, problem management, configuration management and capacity management. We work within an ITIL framework to ensure consistent processes and industry best practice.

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