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Modular vs traditional build

This paper offers a neutral and independent analysis of the various costs that are involved in deploying and operating a modular data centre, and the extent to which these differ from traditional build models. Read more

Building a cloud business for IT organisations

The cloud is a different kind of IT business: from how services are sold and delivered, to the way they are priced and billed. This whitepaper looks at the key issues for IT consultants to consider as they enter the marketplace for cloud services. It identifies opportunities, strategies and implications for them and their customers. Read More

How cloud computing can transform the fortunes of small and mid-sized businesses

Within IT and telecoms, there's a buzz around cloud computing and its ability to harness the Internet to literally 'deliver' IT services remotely to desktops, laptops, tablets and handheld devices. However, many companies fail to grasp how the cloud can transform their fortunes; the inherent risks and how to overcome them; and the essential questions to ask any would-be cloud partner. This whitepaper answers these issues with clear and practical advice for forward-looking businesses. Read More

Protecting your data: your at-a-glance guide and how your ICT partners can help

How much of your business data should be kept confidential? What do you need to know to protect your data? And what role is played by your ICT partners?

This guide aims to answer some of the questions facing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We’ll set the scene, point you towards some helpful principles and explain the role of your ICT partners. Read More

Back-up and recovery: Why you should anticipate the unexpected

Back-up and replication, which are the key elements of a disaster recovery plan, are fundamental to the operation of any organisation that offers cloud services. This whitepaper helps you to understand how these services are offered so that you can build a disaster recovery strategy.

 Read more

The way the data centre is delivered has evolved

The modern business organisation has evolved to run on its data, and the demands it makes on its data centre has evolved with it. You need your data centre to store your data and secure it while paradoxically providing instant access. You need scalability, the flexibility to deal with emerging technologies and with rising energy costs, you also need it to be efficient and environmentally friendly. The trouble is, the traditional data centre has not evolved in line with these demands. However the birth of a new generation of data centres has begun. Modular data centres are becoming recognised as state of the art high quality power efficient data centres that can be delivered in as little as four months.  
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Colt's Annual European CIO Cloud Survey 2010

Cloud services are rapidly gaining in popularity, yet a sizeable proportion of IT executives admit confusion with the concept. This research report, conducted among 352 CIOs and their peers within small, medium and large companies across Europe highlights the real opportunities of cloud services but also gives a pragmatic view of some of the issues faced in moving to them. Read More

Colt’s Annual European CIO Cloud Survey 2011

Colt’s Annual European CIO Cloud Survey looks at the cloud sentiment and deployment in European enterprises in 2011. This year’s research finds that while awareness of cloud computing continues to increase, the cloud agenda has shifted beyond concerns about security to a wider view of risk. The survey was conducted amongst over 500 IT decision makers in companies across Europe with some level of familiarity with cloud computing. Read more

European-Class Cloud Services For Europe

The aim of this joint white paper from Colt Technology Services and VMware® is to highlight the possibilities of cloud computing; to show how organisations can innovate in new ways; to recognise cloud computing as an enabler to free IT from the chores of ‘keeping the lights on’. All the while, being aware of the real-world barriers and challenges that lie ahead. Read More.

The Smart Cloud is Ready to Use

This whitepaper explains how the cloud enables organisations of all sizes to access the kind of computing power that, in the past, only huge multi-nationals could use. We also show how our Smart Office solution helps you make the most of the opportunity ... Read More

Making the Case for Virtualisation in Mid-Sized Organisations

This paper argues that while virtualisation has brought well-publicised business benefits, it should not be portrayed as a silver-bullet solution. We will discuss why a one-size-fits-all approach isn't appropriate for many companies, which are often at very different stages in their respective journeys towards virtualisation. Read More

Can You Remove the Fear Factor from Information Security?

While virus protection may grab the headlines, the wider issues of reliability and business continuity are what put information security at the top of any senior manager’s agenda. But how can mid-sized businesses deal with this increasingly complex security landscape? Read More

5 Myths about Ethernet and Virtual Private Networks

Ethernet sounds complicated, and many technologists will tell you that it is a complex subject. We don’t believe it is. In fact, we believe it’s very simple. It was invented to bring simplicity to the problem of connecting computers together – and it succeeded. But various myths have developed about Ethernet and VPNs that confuse non-technical people and make them anxious. So get the truth and relax! Read More

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