Security Services

Protecting networks, systems, data and emails from a multitude of malicious threats has never been so critical or time-consuming. Businesses need several layers of security between their business and the public internet to ensure the ongoing protection required by an environment where the threats increase daily.

Operational benefits of the Security Service model include:

  • Easier administration
  • Single security management team
  • Automatic updates and patch management
  • Compatibility across the security layering

The traditional model of software distribution, in which software is purchased for and installed on personal computers, tends to drive up costs in IT support, ongoing management and administration of the software and replacement PC workstation and PC Laptop hardware.

Commercial benefits of the Security Service model include:

  • Lower IT staff support costs
  • Reduced cost in the management and maintenance of security device and or security software
  • Avoid CAPEX by not having to purchase new security devices or software
  • Improved cash flow as the demand for capex (hard cash) is reduced

Whether the customer is a major enterprise with multiple sites, or a small or medium business, Colt can reduce the burden of security for customers’ IT staff with our expertise and range of data and web security options to meet performance requirements.

  • In-Flight Encryption

    Business is increasingly dependent on interconnected and distributed systems, resulting in more complex infrastructures and increased security risks. New regulations are putting more pressure on governance and management. Colt Encryption protects your sensitive data from eavesdropping, manipulation and other sophisticated attacks.


  • Managed Secure Authentication

    Colt’s Managed Secure Authentication strengthens the traditional password-based authentication (“what you know”) adding a token as second factor (“what you have”) to securely access networks, systems and applications. A token generates  a random 6-8 digit passcode that a user needs in addition to their username and password/PIN to access the protected resources.


  • IP Guardian

    Colt IP Guardian is intended to help Colt customers reduce the impact of Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. IP Guardian is a dedicated service that provides continuous protection of traffic while only rerouting the traffic when an attack is detected.


  • Intrusion Prevention Service

    Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) take network perimeter defence to another level. The key difference from a firewall is that an IPS can span multiple packets and spot suspicious trends in traffic that a firewall, with its more simplistic rules, may not pick up. It looks out for network intrusion traffic patterns and signatures and generates alerts when suspicious traffic behaviour is detected which are then acted upon.


  • Managed Email Security

    Colt Managed Email Security is an internet-based email filtering service, powered by It offers multi-layered defences to protect inbound and outbound email communications against viruses, spam, phishing scams and email policy breaches. As a cloud service - unwanted emails are removed before they reach the customer network.


  • Managed Hosted Firewall

    Firewalls are a core component of an overall network and information security infrastructure. Colt offers a layered firewall deployment and best of breed approach to ensure the most effective network perimeter level defence for your critical assets against unwanted and unauthorised access.


  • Managed Dedicated Firewall

    Colt Managed Dedicated Firewall (MDF), protects your mission-critical networks and application services from compromise and helps prevent intrusions from hackers, viruses, worms and other web-borne threats.


  • Managed Web Security

    With Colt’s Managed Web Security Services you get a complete cloud security solution with no hardware or software required. Our Managed Web Services are designed from the ground-up, with key capapbilities designed to deliver  the industry’s most advanced cloud security on any device, in any location, all while offering a superior user experience.


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