Consultancy & Professional Services

Our consultancy, design, project management and service management are designed to help you achieve clear business goals.

Colt’s professional services are your introduction to our subject experts and unrivalled, award-winning customer care.

We operate in complex and dynamic environments across 18 European countries and are dedicated to designing and managing solutions which support business transformation.

Businesses are looking for expert advice to help them make the right choices and weigh value added against cost and risk.

Colt Consulting offers a portfolio of tightly defined consultancy engagements that deliver the support businesses are looking for. We offer a consistent methodology and customer experience right across Europe showing customers how they can get real results — often in just a few weeks.

Colt’s engagements are focused, short-term projects designed to produce results quickly. They help customers:

  • Know where they are and how to move forward
  • Align IT with the needs of the business and make intelligent investment choices
  • Understand and better manage risks and interdependencies when transforming the IT landscape.
  • Network & Facilities Services

    Secure, high performance, high availability environment for customer infrastructure, data and applications. Services are typically delivered from Colt Data Centres, with direct access to Europe’s major financial and business centres via our wholly owned network.


  • Design

    We have 14 years experience of designing complex projects to exacting standards all over Europe.


  • Service Management

    Our priority is to ensure everything works as it should and you receive exemplary customer care.


  • Consultancy

    Our consultants assess your needs, leaving you able to make informed decisions on your options.


  • Project Management

    Our project managers deliver changes to exacting standards, which reflect your business objectives.e.g complex projects to exacting standards all over Europe.


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