Basic Website

The simple things done brilliantly, so you're always productive.

Your applications or website server is critical: Colt delivers the hardware, software and bandwidth plus business grade support to ensure it always works hard to benefit your business and stakeholders.


  • You need basic application or website server hosting that delivers the quality and predictability you need to work with confidence
  • Colt Basic Application or Website Server delivers just that
  • Your costs are predictable
  • You get expert support from day one
  • We guarantee high availability so you can work with confidence
  • Our support package means you can work round the clock; we support you 24/7 and that's backed by our industry-leading SLAs
  • Our Fault tolerant data centre infrastructure at key locations across Europe means that your precious data is always available and protected

Key features

  • We provide you with a firewall that protects your business
  • Our windows server gives you the functionality and reliability you need to work with confidence
  • You can also choose an Internet Information Server if you want to
  • We offer total server backup that protects your data and keeps up to 20GB for two weeks just in case anything goes wrong
  • It's all the technology and support you need to run your basic applications or website server with confidence

Colt Basic Application or Website Server Hosting offers you all the hardware, software and bandwidth you need to get on with running your business without worrying about the technology that delivers it.

We use only the best technology and, of course, support it with our wholly owned and managed pan-European fibre network to give you the availability, resilience, speed and confidence you need.

You get:

  • A hosted firewall that's delivered via a CISCO ASA 5510
  • A Windows Server: specifically, an HP Proliant DL360
  • You can choose to add an IIS 6.0 - an Internet Information Server
  • We provide total server backup- GB Protected (two week retention) of up to 20GB of data

It's all you need right now, and, together with our broader options, enables you to grow as your business changes and develops.

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