How to place an order

Data, Managed Services and Intelligent Networking Services

To place an order with us, please ask your Account Manager for an Order Form. It will arrive as an email attachment. Fill it in please, you can ask your Account Manager for help, and then send it to us at copying your Account Manager as well. Simultaneously, please send us a signed fax confirmation to +44(0)20 7072 9814.

We will acknowledge that we have received your email. Once we have validated your order we confirm its acceptance. It is now ready to be processed by the Order Desk. Within 24 hours you will then be given a number and an installation date.

Indirect Access

A Switchless or Switch-based Reseller Connect contract is signed between you and Colt. Colt then provides you a destination rate card.

You will receive login details from us to access our provisioning system, Cocom. You can then activate CLIs on the Colt switch and CPS requests. Cocom access can be done via FTP, XML, through Web Manager, or any combination of them. You can get CDRs via FTP and our Web Manager.

Your initial account set-up gives you CDR delivery on a daily or monthly basis depending on your country; and the right Cocom user guide for the required interface.

Voice Termination

An interconnection with Colt needs to be set-up after you have signed an Interconnect Agreement for either TDM or VoIP. Then you will be given a price list that covers all destinations.

The interconnection requires local arrangements, so please contact the Colt Voice Trading team via email .

Once we have carried out successfully the set-up process you can then send traffic via Colt.

Billing is usually done on a monthly basis.

For new price lists please contact directly the Colt Voice Trading team.

Please choose your country