White Label Solutions

Broaden your business by including Data, Voice and VoIP services from Colt into your own portfolio of Solutions.

Partnering with Colt: Expand your business without network operations and infrastructure investment, based on a pure Opex model.

To simplify vendor management, many enterprises are looking for operators delivering a full range of telecommunication services.To complete your own portfolio, you have to decide whether to invest in infrastructure and local operations or alternatively buy services from partners.

Colt’s White-Label Voice enables you to provide Voice and Data services to your customers broadening your voice business across 28 European countries.

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  • VoIP Access

    With Colt VoIP Access, Colt routes all of your incoming and outgoing calls over IP via your existing, or new, Colt network links. This means that Colt VoIP Access effectively allows your voice and data traffic to converge onto a single end-to-end IP network.


  • Voice Line

    Colt Voice Line offers you a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that not only addresses your operational problems but also eases the pressure on your budget. Once you’re linked directly into our highly resilient pan-European fibre-optic network spanning 21 countries, you can make and receive voice and data calls to and from local, national, international, non-geographic and mobile numbers.


  • Corporate Voice

    Our integrated voice telephony package delivers economies of scale and provides you with the convenience of having a single pan-European service provider for all your offices. Essentially, this means that our relationship is covered by just one contract and Service Level Agreement, plus a single pricing proposal based on your aggregate spend.


  • Freephone, Shared Cost and Premium Rate

    With Colt, you can maximise the value of every customer interaction. Feature-rich call routing ensures that calls are answered promptly and directed to your most suitable advisor across your business.


  • Reseller Connect

    Colt can enable you to extend your brand into the telecommunications space quickly and easily – and our constant commitment to excellence in everything we do will give strong support to your brand. You can create your own telecommunications service without the need to invest any of your own capital in expensive and complicated equipment like a network infrastructure or switches: we have already built the service; all you have to do is make use of it.


  • LANLink

    The Colt LANLink portfolio of services enables customers to interconnect their Ethernet local area network (LAN) so that they can operate various company sites as a single office, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Ethernet is the de facto industry standard protocol within the LAN, and Colt LANLink enables customers to extend Ethernet into metropolitan and wide area networks (MANs and WANs).


  • Internet Access Services

    Colt IP Access delivers the business grade, dedicated and permanent internet access you need. And because we guarantee your bandwidth and offer total customer support you can work with confidence


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