Backbone Solutions

Obtain your backbone solutions from the specialists in high performance and secure networks across Europe.

Infrastructure is complex and expensive. It takes a lot of expertise and investment to ensure reliability, security and scalability. In a fast moving marketplace, with constantly evolving customer demands, you can not afford to be hampered by the very thing that should enable you to deliver value to all your stakeholders.

Colt is the acknowledged expert when it comes to delivering robust and comprehensive backbone infrastructure, whether in part or in total; whatever you need to succeed right across Europe.

We built our network, we own it, and we manage it each and every day. It is what we do best. Our fibre network offers high-bandwidth backbone circuits and data centre solutions taking a weight off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

As operators watch their bottom line, outsourcing is key in increasing profitability, it offloads the cost burden to the partner firm. You bring sharper focus on the core of your business and concentrate on maximising margins from your key services.

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  • Wavelength

    Colt Wavelength Services give you the power of an established and highly respected backbone, the flexibility to run your own protocols and set your own protection levels, and do it all cost-effectively by using leased capacity that demands no capital investment.


  • Ethernet Private Network

    Colt has been pioneering the use of Ethernet technology for the WAN over the last decade and a half. Ethernet Private Network enable you avoid technological conflicts and expensive downtime whilst you benefit from a fast, scalable and robust network.


  • Link

    Colt Link offers you a cost-effective, high quality solution to your connectivity needs that ticks all the boxes. It’s a highly scalable and resilient point-to-point and point-to-multi-point leased line solution that delivers high speed connectivity.


  • IP VPN

    VPN connectivity allows the flexible integration of all your agents across multiple sites. They enjoy full access to your business applications. Colt IPVPN gives you a standards-based MPLS service that includes options such as 5 levels of Class of Service, and the ability to open up remote and mobile access for all your employees in a secure and reliable way.


  • LANLink

    The Colt LANLink portfolio of services enables customers to interconnect their Ethernet local area network (LAN) so that they can operate various company sites as a single office, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Ethernet is the de facto industry standard protocol within the LAN, and Colt LANLink enables customers to extend Ethernet into metropolitan and wide area networks (MANs and WANs).


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