Smarter Growth: Making it happen for SMEs

By: Frédéric Panya Lestonnat - 04/07/2011

Frédéric is currently Director of Marketing Solutions for Colt Technology Services.

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Between 2002 and 2008 SMEs had been seen as Europe’s biggest area of business growth, but since the economic down turn in 2008 that growth has been curtailed.

Over 150,000 SMEs have vanished in the past year. While many businesses may have been tempted to consolidate under such conditions, it emerges that the upheaval caused by the recession instead presents greater opportunities.

Facing slashed budgets and smaller project scope, larger organisations are turning to SMEs for flexible, scalable solutions than provide genuine value. With this in mind there is lots of potential for SMEs to begin to grow and for those who provide the right services, expansion can be rapid.

Here are five operational areas that all SMEs should consider if they’re going to handle growth in a safe and sustainable way.

1. Enterprise grade services – It stands to reason that small companies should have access to the same grades of service that their larger competitors do. This means more computing power and reliable services.

2. Service Level Agreements – reliability, accountability, security – you and your clients will feel better for having an SLA in place.

3. Scalable IT solutions – growing means keeping an eye on your spending as well as offering clients value for money. Scalable solutions allow you to manage the services you need at the levels you want.

4. Flexible IT solutions – If your clients require greater flexibility, so will your solutions. Flexible IT allows you to manage the components you need for a variety of challenges – large or small!

5. Easily managed IT – As your business grows, developing an IT department might fall low on the list of priorities. It therefore makes sense to work with an established and reliable IT company that can provide support quickly and accurately.

The future is bright for many small and medium businesses. Having the robust technologies at your disposal to make that future happen is essential. Visit Colt Smart Office to find out more.

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