Ethernet Europe 2012 – Wrap-up

By: Henry Bohannon - 24/04/2012

Henry is Head of Ethernet Services Product Management at Colt, the information delivery platform for Europe.

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It was both a privilege and a delight to attend Ethernet Europe 2012 this year, held in the great city of Munich. I was fortunate enough to deliver a keynote speech and as I mentioned in my previous blog post I focused on how Ethernet has evolved following the demand of customers and changes to requirements from the wholesale sector.

The gratifying part for me at least is that at Colt we seem to be getting it right. From the perspective of the Service Wrap, we’re certainly adding value to the overall proposition. I had a fair number of service providers tell me after my speech, that not all the value was in the technical specification, but the service from Colt was exceeding expectation. I’m delighted to hear that. You can hear me talking about the Service Wrap (and my lost luggage) here:

One of the larger areas of discussion during the two days was around Performance Assurance. It’s clear that many people want to see better defined supporting standards as well as tools designed for real usability when it comes to delivering performance guarantees. One of the key drivers is of course Cloud which places  vital demands on the network for Performance and Security. Ethernet services are seen by many as an ideal ‘partner’ for Cloud access.

Overall the two days afforded me a really good look at how we can further integrate with our customers to improve Performance, Service Wrap and increased value for Ethernet services. I look forward to seeing where we can take these exciting discussions.

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