Colt extends low-cost access to more European locations

24 January 2012

Colt announces a planned investment programme designed to give national and global carriers and service providers an even stronger selling proposition: seamless network connectivity, with bandwidths up to 100Mbps in certain metro areas. Read more

Colt wins big...again

09 December 2011

Colt's award winning track record just got longer with yet another triumph at the Metro Ethernet Forum Awards held in Amsterdam. Find out more... Read more

Organisations that embrace change will thrive

09 December 2011

In an interview with Colt CEO, Rakesh Bhasin, we find out how one of the world leading technology companies wants you to take them for granted. The simple reason is so you can get on with what you do best whilst THEY worry about the technology that helps you thrive. Read more

Santa Claus unmasked!

09 December 2011

It's the season to be merry and spend time around the dinner table with family and friends. Amaze them all with little known facts about how Santa Claus came into existence and then changed over the centuries. Read more

A billion dollar spelling mistake

01 November 2011

Most spelling mistakes are embarrassing, but this one helped make one company a multi-billion dollar giant and gave us all a new noun, verb and adjective. But what was the original word and where did it come from? Read more

Facebook explains everything

01 November 2011

Over 750 million people use Facebook around the world - it's a social phenomenon. Now a British Anthropologist has done some fieldwork out in cyberspace instead of a distant jungle - and he likes what he sees! Read more

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