IN over Carrier VoIP – Colt's enabling solution for service providers

06 September 2012

Colt now collects Intelligent Network (IN) calls from any local operator in 13 of our European countries and delivers them over VoIP anywhere in the world, optimising reach and cost structure. We’re also providing a new connectivity option by using Ethernet Private Network (E-PN) for dedicated, quality access to the service provider. Read more

The Thinking Business Person's Cloud

27 August 2012

The market for cloud-based solutions has grown fast, but there's a real need for quality thinking and implementation strategies, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Colt has bought leading cloud platform provider, ThinkGrid, so as to boost an already high-quality offering. Read more

The Tubes That Bind Us

27 August 2012

We take the Internet and connectivity for granted, to the extent that we don't think of it as something physical anymore. But, in reality, it all depends on a very real infrastructure: billions of glass fibres pulsing with light which are enclosed in tubes which are connected to real places all over the world. A new book explains how. Read more

Freedom, Fixed!

27 August 2012

In tough trading conditions, cutting costs makes sense, but not when it hurts your ability to communicate with customers and suppliers. So, how do you get better value from fixed calls whilst trimming expenses? Colt Voice Freedom delivers total flexibility by enabling you to target minutes where they're needed, and ends up being more cost-effective than so called 'unlimited' packages... Read more

The Ever Expanding Network

27 August 2012

High-speed connectivity depends on a network that's as close to you as possible. Colt's unique pan--European network is expanding all the time and reaching out to new cities to enable businesses of all sizes to grow and compete. We've been growing our network in Spain and France - bringing information closer to where it needs to be. Read more

Don't Hate Calling Customer Support, Love it!

27 August 2012

No one relishes calling Business or Tech Support - in fact, Google the subject and it looks like we all hate doing it. But Colt is working hard to make the experience a satisfying one. We're making it easier than ever before to make calling our Business Support a satisfying experience Read more

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