Talking about the Cloud at Capacity Europe

Colt Technology Services EVP, Francois Eloy, will be attending the 11th Capacity Europe meeting in Amsterdam between 21st and 23rd November. A forum for all the leading European carriers, service providers, ISPs, mobile operators and content companies, the event has always been at the cutting edge of the continent's telecoms market. It's where trends, new ideas and new technologies get talked about first.

Francois Eloy will be taking part in a keynote panel discussion about one of the most important subjects on most businesses' agendas - the Cloud and how it can help enterprises work smarter, harder whilst cutting costs.

The session will cover all the latest innovations in Cloud Computing and try to look into the future to see how Cloud Services might develop, as well as how bandwidth needs can be met so as to make them available (and effective) to a wide range of customers.

Critical to the success of the Cloud is the role of the data centre, and Francois, with Colt's unique insight into both the theory and practice of data centre provision, will be able to enlighten participants about how the Cloud can and should work to enhance accessibility to data, as well as its security.

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